Welcome to Rundugai

Rundugai Cultural Tourism is a place to make your lifetime memory for those who visit Moshi Town or Arusha-for wildlife safari or Kilimanjaro mountain-trekking. The village lies 26 km from the-Kilimanjaro-International Airport, if one will drive through to Boma Ng'ombe town then turn South 11 kilometers to Rundugai Cultural Tourism office-just after crossing the railway, the village gifted surprising natural-springs-in-Moshi, Kikuletwa-Hot-Springs which is clear blue crystal water attracts you to swim, also the village is dotted with remarkable baobab trees with a unique stare, wild date palm, East Africa doum palms and green cultivated land supported by irrigation system from different springs, different bird species, and primates.

The presence of different ethnic groups (Maasai, Pare, Chagga, Kamba, Nyiramba) gives you a chance to experience our village’s cultural wealth, including Maasai-way-of-life traditional-herbalist, Midwife, weavers, local foods, and Banana-beer. The village provides an unforgettable experience from its gifted cultural and natural inheritance.

With a bit of luck and good timing, you might be able to see the best views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru.

Who We Are

Rundugai CTE is Cultural tourism based organisation established in 2014, registration number HWH 0456 Hai district, Kilimanjaro, The RUCTE organized by the youth and residence of Rundugai area

Our Tours

Our tours takes you to the fascinating warm spring in the village with amazing clear blue water in a beautiful surroundings covered by big trees with surprising roots of the fig trees,


We arrange camping in our village for over night stay in a suitable location also for those who are interesting in home stay we will takes you to one of the prepared family

Tour Highlights

A highlight on our top-rated tours
Meet locals for a lifetime experience in Africa.
Taste hot local lunch from local African mamas.
Swim and relax at the little oasis in the semi-desert.
Bird lover’s bird paradise.
See beautiful semi-desert scenery and baobab trees.
Hiking on the beautiful landscapes.
Beautiful views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru.
Be local - buy local products, support local.

Our Partners

We work with the best partners who are embracing sustainable tourism, tourism that cares about the environment; respects local culture, benefits locals, and ensures visitors’ satisfaction. We are proud of what they are doing to support us and to make our community a better place.

Why Book With Us?

  • Your Visit will help to support different environmental conservation projects in our village including beekeeping projects and tree planting.
  • A chance to meet our energetic and passionate female guides who are very well experienced and the best local guides and we are proud of breaking gender barriers.
  • You help in sustaining young entrepreneurs and women’s businesses.
  • Help in poverty eradication and rural development.
  • Upkeep local jobs i.e. tour guides, local mama chefs, weavers, local farmers, and more.
  • We will take you to real Maasai boma and experience their real life style in their real homes off-the-beaten paths.
  • With more than 6 years of experience in Cultural Tourism, we have the best local guides and also we offer excellent service.
  • We are a social enterprise, your money is going directly to the locals, hence supporting to improve local livelihood.