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   Makes it worth a day stop in Moshi, even if you are passing through
We were not sure if we should make a stop in moshi for this Tour after our little exhausting 2 day Safari trip. But man, it was a great experience from the start at the Rundugai office till the end. It is a bit far from the central Moshi. But that is why you can also be sure the Massai village and other tribes are not a set-up. You will see a genuine Masai Village and the true teaditions. We had also been to the Masai village they recommend inside of Ngorongoro. And to compare both, you can see this is genuine and they dont see you as an pportunity to get your money but to teach you their culture and this makes you feel comfortable unlike the one in Ngorongoro. After a delicious lunch from mama, you end the day with a memorable and once in a life time experience; Hotspring! It is a great place and even releives your stress. And the best thing is Rundugai is not making you hurry or telling you that the time is up. They are very kind and patient to let you enjoy to the fullest. You can see that they work in passion. It was the right choice to go with this tour and spend a night in Moshi even to only attend Rundugai. I cannot say even one bad thing about this tour. Thank you for making us feels comfortable. (Orcun B)
   Wonderful day trip
We visited Rundugai for a day trip in June, which included a visit to a Maasai village, lunch and a visit to the hot springs. Our guide, Ndoss (and his trainee) were very professional and welcoming. The lunch was delicious and consisted of locally made dishes with a variety of options. The visit to Maasai village was very informative and gave us an insight into the unique Maasai culture. We ended the day with a very relaxing swim in the hot springs. This was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it. (jessie985)
 Hamilton, Canada
   Amazing experience near Arusha
We was swimming in the hot spring, and we camp in the night also. Ndoss was a very friendly guide, he explain anything about the area and took care of us in all time. The night in the campsite was amazing. It's a quiet place full of birds, baboons, squirrels... amazing night in a amazing place. It have basic facilities. (piedresybarro)
 Oviedo, Spain
   Knowing masai culture
Really nice opportunity to have a chat with Masai people, to see how they live and know their traditions (Massimo B)
 Bassano Del Grappa, Italy
   Unforgettable cultural tourism experience
Guides at Rundugai cultural tourism were consummate professionals who ensured my experience was interesting and informing. During the tour I had a unique opportunity to spend time with Maasai women and ask them questions about their culture.
The best parts about Rundugai are the cultural exchange and the visit to the Chemka hot springs, a hidden gem. Don't forget to bring your bathing suite because you don't want to miss it.
I would highly recommend Rundugai as a must-see cultural tourism experience that is conveniently located between Arusha and Moshi (Megan M)
   Are you coming to conquer the roof of Africa? Or Safari in Ngorongoro or Serengeti and and you have some free days?
Rundugai Cultural Tourism Enterprise offers memorable day tour in the village, I and other friends we went to Maasai boma, we dressed like them talked to them dancing, it was amazing experience, then we went back for a village walking tour, banana bear was good, we had lunch which was great, and then we went for a swim at the hot spring. At the hot spring there was lots of tourists, it was really funny, if you have some free days in Tanzania (Arusha,Moshi) after or before mountain climbing or safari it's a nice place to be, it's cheap and it will be a lifetime memory, Ndosi is a good and brave man, go there enjoy and leave a positive impact to the community, the little money you pays goes to the community. (InvoCare)
 Arusha, Tanzania
   Maasai "Meat-Eating-Ceremony" was an extraordinary experience. Loved the overnight stay in the Maasai boma.
I was very lucky to arrive there on a day where there was a "Meat-Eating-Ceremony" of the Maasai. It was very touching to see how the warriors and their wives prepared themselves in the women- and the men-circles and met each other afterwards to eat meat together. This was followed by joyful singing, jumping and dancing. What an extraordinary experience!
I spent the night in a Maasai boma and got to know how they live: it was a stary night, there were only the noises of the animals - so impressive.
I met Ndoss and the other guides of Rundugai CTE: They are wonderful people and did everything to make my stay a wonderful one.
Thank you so much! (isabella_k1960)
 Salzburg, Austria
   A Wonderful Welcome to Tanzania
When we arrived at this Maasai village we were greeted with dancing and singing. We learned how the community lives, eats, travels, raises their kids, builds their houses, and how the families are organized. Then we were offered the opportunity to dress in colorful Maasai shuka (characteristic plaid and colored wraps) and beaded collars, and we danced and sang with them. While this might sound like a really artificial experience, we felt that their welcome and enjoyment was truly genuine. We had lots of interactions with the children, who took selfies with our cell phones, played with our stuffed animal mascot, and were generally adorable.

Our local guides, Ndoss and Moises, gave us lots of background information and answered all our questions.

Later we swam in an idyllic natural pool fed by a mineral spring. We all tried the rope swing, and little fish "massaged" our toes. Some of our group of 10 had been concerned about schistosomiosis (endemic to natural rivers and lakes throughout sub-Saharan Africa). We found out on our own that these parasites don't survive in the fast moving water, and our guide assured us that in 25 years there had never been an incidence. So we all felt comfortable going in the water and we had a blast.

Finally, we were served a delicious lunch (with vegan and meat options) made by a local lady, and Moises helped us to re-learn the songs we had sung in the Maasai village.

What a day!  (Judy M)
 Asbury, New Jersey
   Relaxing and Educational
We appreciated the tour and information from Mr Ndoss about the hot spring, life in Tanzania and the village initiatives aimed to support the people economically and environmentally. Rundugai Cultural Tourism is an example of true grassroots change in a place where climate and fiscal issues hold back progress. Part of your tour fees and tips go back into the community. I think many villages are starting to use tourism in this manner instead of falling back in traditional agricultural subsistence. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to learn more about people on a traditional level with the local lunch, tours and homestays but also rewarding to just talk about the modern world and events from a very non-western perspective. It's easy to take progressive government, access to affordable electricity and drivable roads for granted until you don't have them. There is always something to strive for and build in every community. The lesson here is that anyone can put changes into motion. We don't have to wait for a top down approach.
The hot springs are beautiful. The local food is delicious and we really appreciated the time spent cooking and taking care of us on Christmas Day. A great swimming day between a safari and Kilimanjaro expedition. I wish Mr Ndoss and his community all the best in 2017. (ShonanNeko)
 Tokyo, Japan
   Explore Moshi
Rundugai Cultural tourism started with a tour around a village in Moshi, followed by introduction of a very common beer in Moshi. They served us a delicious traditional meal in the village and we ended this memorable day with a dip in the hot springs. Coolest rope swing ever!
Thank you for the great day.
Youssef Hassan (Yousefh99)
   Absolutely beautiful natural springs
Ndoss was a fantastic guide, really caring and knowledgeable. It is nice to have an organization which is operated locally, with locals, and includes local knowledge of the area from guides who actually have a stake in the ownership of the operation! Well worth your time to see the clean, clear, brilliant cyan spring waters. Though the springs are more warm then hot, they are worth the trip. (imers0n)
 Portland, Maine
   Beautiful hot springs and great visit with local women!
We had a really fun trip to Rundugai and the Hot Springs. Dous was terrific - he helped us to arrange transportation and even a tent so we could camp at the beautiful springs. Onsite is a simple 'cafe' that has drinks and even chicken & chipsi or chipsi mayai -- plus the cook returned early the next day to prepare us a great omelet. Dous then arranged a walk into the village where some women showed us how they weave mats. The women were friendly and fun and interested in our input to help them make their products marketable. We can't thank Ndoss enough for a his hospitality and enthusiasm for his community. It's great to see the work the Rundugai Cultural Center is doing to promote the local area. Best of luck to them! ( b3897726)
 Iringa Region, Tanzania
   Amazing hot springs near Kilimanjaro
My friends and I had an excellent day with our guide - we added the trip to the village and hot springs to the final day of our safari, as we had some time spare before flying out of Kilimanjaro airport, which is about an hour away.
We were met by a polite and enthusiastic guide who took us around the village, to meet the doctor and mid-wife, and see beer being brewed before a beautiful walk along water channels through the nearby fields, watered by different springs. This is a brilliant chance to stretch your legs, especially after being in a jeep for the days of safari! It was also really interesting to get an insight into the agricultural landscape, and the ways the environment influences the lives of people that live here.
We reached the hot springs - I cannot really describe how beautiful they were. The clear, deep water was the perfect temperature, with a small current where it welled up, and was surrounded by the lushest jungle folliage. There was a rope swing for jumping in, and in certain parts tiny fish nibbled the dead skin from your feet. This was perfectly refreshing after the walk, and there was a changing block, toilets, and somewhere to buy food and drink.
We were then picked up by our safaari driver direct from the spring pools, and taken to a traditional house to eat (the most enormous) traditional meal, cooked by village women. This was delicious, and including food we had seen growing on our walk, with lots of bean stews, yams, okra etc.
We then drove to the airport, and got an evening flight out.
I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone planning a safari around Kilimanjaro or Arusha - it is a really wonderful day, and a chance to see a different side of the area and people after the wilderness of the safari days. I assume you could also do parts of the day, and add them around different departures/availability.
There is also the added bonus that this project is locally run, with sponsorship from the Tanzanian Department for Tourism, and directly benefits the local community. After my experience of the friendliness, enthusiasm and joyfullness of the villagers, I was pleased to have been able to help in a real, sustainable way.
Thank you Ndoss for a wonderful day! (robynfd)
 London, United Kingdom
   Great tour and amazing hot springs
Very informative guide, fantastic local food and the hot springs are like something from paradise. Great activity to do after safari!  (Michael G)
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Rundugai CTE is Cultural tourism based organisation established in 2014, registration number HWH 0456 Hai district, Kilimanjaro, The RUCTE organized by the youth and residence of Rundugai area, the organisation includes both women and men with different talents such as traditional dancers...

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We arrange camping in our village for over night stay in a suitable location also for those who are interesting in home stay we will takes you to one of the prepared family where you will stay with them and experiencing their lifestyle, foods and story telling around the fire during the night....

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