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Rundugai and Chemka Local souvenir Center

Rundugai and Chemka Local souvenir Center

Season/dates open: Year around Operation
Activity start time at the venue: 10:00 am
Duraction of Activity: any time you can visit the market from 10:00am-5:00pm
Minimum number of persons: 1
Maximu number of persons: 100

Experience Type:

African arts and crafts. Hands-on activity.
Skill Lever Required: N/A
Activity Highlight:

Meet local Maasai and Pare artists. Learn how to weave. Buy local products.

Activity Summary:

A way of taking the essence of your trip back home. The Maasai and Wapare ethnic groups welcome you to see and buy their souvenirs which are made of material from the area. The marketplace is where everything handmade craft from Chemka and Rundugai villages is found such as beautiful and colorful matt’s, table matt’s, boutique fabrics, Maasai pieces of jewelry, Maasai sandals, Tingatinga paints, wooden carvings and so more, visitor can have a chance to learn how different local product made. We advise visitors to buy local products from the local artist because they will directly strengthen the local economy, support community groups, create more jobs for the locals and encourage local prosperity. All local artists will welcome you with a smiley face and are happy to share with you what they have.

Activity Price: Free to visit, but learning how to weave at the centre costs 2USD per person.
Meals and Drinks Included:

On request

Beverage Drinks:

Additional charge for soft drinks and other beverages.

Other Services/Optional:

Additional charge for soft drinks and other beverages.

Clothing/Equipment supplied:

Traditional walking stick.

Clothing/equipment needed by the guest:

Swimming suit, good hiking boots. Comfortable clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, camera.

Children Options:

Children are welcome to the market.

Contact persons/phone number:

+255654523090. Call or WhatsApp

Contact Email: or

Email response hours: within 24hrs
Responsibility insurance: No responsibility insurance provided. Please make sure the client has travel insurance issued.
Distance from the accommodation, Transfer option, and price:

17km from Bomang’ombe to Kikiletwa hotsprings. 43km from Moshi to Kikuletwa hotsprings. 70km from Arusha to Kikuletwa hotsprings. 32km from Kilimanjaro International Airport to KIkuletwa Hotsprings

Transfer Option and Price:

From Arusha, 100 USD Per group of 7 people. From Moshi, 70 USD Per group of 7 people. From Kilimanjaro International Airport, 60 USD Per group of 7 people.

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